Important Information

Taster Sessions

If you choose Bright Beginnings Nursery for your child we recommend that they come for some taster sessions before they officially start. We usually suggest two one hour play sessions to help settle the children and give you a chance to get to know your key person. In babies we ask that you stay for the first
session so that we can go through your child’s routine with you.

Key Person System

All children are allocated a member of staff as their key person. This member of staff is responsible for settling the child into the nursery, making observations on the child’s development for their records and planning developmentally appropriate activities for your child. This staff member is your first point of contact at this nursery.

Equal Opportunities

Our nursery is open to all members of the community. We promote equal opportunities and welcome the diversity of family lifestyles and work with all families. We provide an environment in which all children including those with special educational needs are supported to reach their full potential. A full copy of our Equal Opportunities Policy is available on request and a copy can be found at all times in the Policies Folder by the Parents’ Notice Board.

Child Protection

All parents and carers must be aware that we are obliged by law to inform Social Services if we have concerns about a child’s welfare. The safety of the children in our care may  include a duty to share confidential information with others involved in protecting children.

Health and Safety

The health and safety of all the children and adults at Bright Beginnings Nursery is of paramount importance. All of the children’s toys and equipment are checked regularly for any breakages or faults. We have a comprehensive Health and Safety Policy which is available for all parents to read. Please notify us if you have any areas of concern.


If you ever have any concerns with the nursery, please come and discuss your anxieties with your child’s key person or a member of the management team. We operate an open door and ‘phone policy, and would encourage you to give us any feedback on areas where we can improve our service. Full details of our Complaints Procedure are available on request and a copy can be found at all times in the Policies Folder by the Parents’ Notice Board. We promise to do our utmost to resolve any issues to your complete satisfaction.

Suggestion Box

We would be delighted to receive any suggestions for our nursery, either verbally or please feel free to post them in our Suggestion Box situated by the Parents’ Notice Boards in Butterfly Wood and Badger Wood.

Open Door Policy

If you have any concerns with your child at nursery, or with the way in which the nursery is operating, please feel free to speak to a member of the management team at any time. We  rely on the honest feedback of parents to ensure that we can continue to improve and exceed our high standards.

Disclosure & Barring Service

All our staff have undergone enhanced police checks through the Disclosure & Barring Service. Any students or visitors to the nursery who do not hold current DBS checks will be accompanied at all times by a qualified member of staff.


All staff hold an NVQ2 or NVQ3/equivalent qualification or above, any staff who do not currently hold an appropriate qualification are training towards this. All our staff access regular training and would be delighted to discuss their areas of expertise with you.

Butterfly Wood

The staff ratio is 1:3 for under 2 years old and we ensure that each baby is individually catered for with a multitude of opportunities to develop and explore, such as books, songs, treasure baskets, physical play all within a caring environment.

For children aged 2 and over in Butterfly Wood the staff ratio is 1:4 for each child. Children also have a multitude of opportunities to develop and explore.

Badger Wood

The staff ratio for children aged 3 years and above is 1:8 nationally, however we will endeavour to maintain 1:6 ratio whenever possible. Activities are individually tailored to each child’s developmental stage and a range of experiences are available to children both indoors and outdoors e.g. sand, water, painting, role play, construction , investigations and much more.

Woodland Club

The staff ratio is 1:8 for children attending the Woodland Club. Children have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities, including playing in the large garden, in the wooden fort, playing music, accessing computers, relaxing, painting, and much more.

First Aid

The majority of staff hold an Early Years First Aid Qualification and we are encouraging all staff to become First Aiders. There will always be at least one qualified member of staff on the premises, however all staff are able to deal with minor injuries such as a grazed knee. If your child requires first aid during the day, an Accident Form will be completed and you will be asked to sign it when you collect your child.

Staff Uniform

Staff members wear a royal blue polo shirt embroidered with our nursery logo, so that they are instantly recognisable to you and the children.

Security/Smoking Policy/Mobile Phone

All entrances and exits to Bright Beginnings Nursery are secure and display “No Smoking” signs and “No Mobile ‘Phone” signs. All visitors are required to sign in and out and are never left unattended under any circumstances. Smoking is not permitted inside the building or in the grounds of the building, nor is the use of mobile ‘phones, (with the office as an exemption area for ‘phones).

Collection of Children

No child can be collected from Bright Beginnings Nursery by anyone who is unfamiliar to the staff unless prior notice has been given by the parent, including a personal description, an agreed password and the person collecting the child can proveidentification.

Transition to School

We have established links with the local primary schools to make the transition from nursery to school as easy as possible for the children.

Parents in Partnership

Our nursery provides numerous opportunities for parents/carers and staff to communicate effectively with one another about the children. These opportunities include; each baby receiving their “Me and My Nursery Book”, parents’ notice board, activities and food board, key person evenings, pre-visits, drop in sessions, newsletters, etc. We are always pleased to see you at any event or time as it is our intention to keep you fully informed about all that nursery life has to offer.